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KTM ERG 1 Ultralight Self Propelled

​Removable padded seat and back covers
Can accommodate most users thanks to adjustable rear wheel mountings Comes in Red or Silver Technical Specification Max User Weight 18st (115kg)

Patented 'S' Shaped ergonomic seating Detachable seat pads treated with:
Microbe Shield Patented footrest hanger design
Slowing brakes
Height adjustable armrests
Total weight 14.9kg (32lbs) without hangers and w Silver 
Seat Width: 16" (41cm) Silver 
Seat Width: 18" (46cm) Red 
Seat Width: 16" (41cm) Red 
Seat Width: 18" (46cm)
heels 9.8kg (22lbs) Product Highlights Unique non slide seat