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Ultralight Tri Walker

Ultralight tri walker with seat weighs only 6kg The tri-walker with seat is a totally unique concept combining a sturdy lightweight frame with a folding rest seat and backrest.

The walker has 'One-Touch' locking lever brakes similar to a bicycle that are squeezed to slow down or stop, then pushed down firmly to lock the wheels prior to seating.
If you plan to use the walker indoors, check the width of your doorways to make sure it will fit through.

Maximum Carrying Weight:
280 lbs (127 kg)
Weight of Walker:
14.5 lbs (6.5 kg)
Width24" (610mm)
Adjustable Handle Heights

Seat Height
31.5" (800mm)
21" (533mm)
33.0" (838mm)
34.5" (876mm)
36.0" (914mm)

Wheels: 6 (3 doubles) front swivel. Back wheels are non-swivel for stability.

Seat: Measuring 406 x 178mm (16 x 7 inches) the seat folds away when not in use and is intended for occasional use e.g. short rests.
Storage: the tri walker with seat folds, locks together and stands unsupported  in an upright position. Fits most car boots easily.

Brakes:One-Touch locking lever
Folding Frame:Yes
Walking Stick Holder:Included
Shopping holdall and Cover:Integral, folds with frame
Folding Seat:Yes
Underseat Pocket:No
Colour choices (gloss paint):Blue, Burgundy, Green, Grey