male urinal

This graduated urinal is simple to use and has a snap-on cap to prevent spillages. Calibrated for output recording.
Capacity 1 litre. Weight 130g.

female urinal

This female urinal has a handle for ease of use. Anatomically designed to enable use when sitting, standing or lying. Capacity 800ml, with graduations for output. Weight 110g.

disposable unisex urinal pack of three

Discreet, portable pouch ideal for any situation where access to toilet facilities is limited. Suitable for men, women and children, it turns up to 600ml of liquid into gel. Leakproof and odourless. May be used until full. Supplied as a pack of 3.

bed pan with lid

High quality fracture pan available with or without lid. The low profile, side and end handles make it easy and comfortable
to use. Made from polypropylene, it is autoclavable to 137°C. Width 310mm (12"). Length 450mm (173/4"). Depth 100mm (4").