steps & stools

bath safety step

This attractive, modular bath step has been specifically designed to make daily activities, especially getting into and out of the bath, easier. The large surface area gives the user confidence and the textured surface provides additional safety. A single step has a 100mm (4") raise and the modularity of the Savanah Bath Step allows it to be stacked on top of each other or clipped together to give a larger area or create a small stair. Each additional step adds an extra 50mm (2") to the height of the step, up to a maximum of six steps (giving a 355mm (14") raise).
A foam pad is supplied that fits neatly onto the surface of the step. Surface area 356 x 457mm (14 x 18"). Footprint 381 x 483 (15 x 19"). Weight 1.3kg.

bath easy step

With a large flat surface area and built in non-slip pads, this bath step is safe and secure in use. Supplied as a set, comprising a 50mm (2") step, plus two 25mm (1") risers, four non-slip feet and a link to allow two steps to be fixed together side by side.
Step height 50mm (2") to 100mm (4") using the risers provided, or may be assembled up to 355mm (14") high by purchasing additional 25mm (1") risers. Surface area 445 x 350mm (171/2 x 133/4").

ramp pic

lightweight safety step



A simple, sturdy stool consisting of a chrome plated steel frame with a non-slip rubber mat. The rubber ferrules provide a good grip on slippery surfaces. Top area 279 x 356mm (11 x 14").
Base area 305 x 406mm (12 x 16"). Height 225mm (9").


outdoor safety step


This handy little step halves the door step rise for those with limited mobility. The large platform allows the user to become steady before attempting the actual step.
The plastic construction ensures that the step is tough yet will
not rust. It comes complete with a slip resistant rubber mat.
The four feet are adjustable to ensure that the step can be levelled for use. Step length 400mm (153/4"). Width 740mm (29").
Height 110mm (41/4").