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Aluminium folding suitcase ramps

These easy to carry lightweight ramps offer a 30" wide non-slip suface. Designed for both wheelchairs and scooters, the hinged design makes them extremely simple to use. Available in 3 lengths.

Technical Specification
Weight 3ft: 15lbs (7kg)
Weight 4ft: 21lbs (10kg)
Weight 5ft: 26lbs (12kg)
Weight 6ft: Maximum total load: 43st (272kg)

​size available   
​​2ft          price  £ 140.00 
3ft          price  £ 180.00 
4ft          price  £ 195.00 
5ft          price  £ 225.00 
6ft          price  £ 250.00 
7ft          price  £ 350.00 
8ft          price  £ 390.00