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 Easyfold light

The Easyfold lightweight powered wheelchair is all new technology it is uniquely equipped with the latest double gear brushless motor.
Our brushless motor is durable and power saving. It uses high quality rubber tires to provide much better traction, making it easier to navigate steeper slopes. Our newly developed black tires don't get stained and therefore always looking good.

The Easyfold Weighs only 45 lbs with a standard battery. It is the lightest and most compact power wheelchair in the world. It can be easily collapsed and opened in just 5 seconds. It can stand upright after being collapsed. The seat cushion and backrest cover are detachable for washing.

Wider and relatively large 7" front wheels make your ride more stable. The easyfold uses higher capacity Soft Pack Polymer Li-ion battery pack. armrests can be lifted up, so you can sit closer to tables. And it is strong enough to support your body weight when you need a support while in a sitting or standing position.

Our specially designed footrest allows it to be collapsed inward, so you can stand closer to the wheelchair for ease in standing up. It also comes equipped with an anti-tilt support and hydraulic system.