Wheelchair Bags

Back Pack Shopping Bag

 This attractive zip top shopping bag is fitted with additional straps so it can be looped over the push handles of a wheelchair. Easily removed when required with an additional shoulder strap also available.

Wheelchair Scooter / Powerchair Bags

These seat bags have been designed to fit on the side arms or over the backrest of most Wheelchairs, Powerchairs or Scooters. They come with built-in zippered storage enclosures. Available in small and large size options.

wheelchair cosy liner


This quilted, fibre filled cushion, covers seat, back and arms of either chair or wheelchair. Seat size 360 x 260mm (14 x 10"). Weight 2kg.


real wool fleece

This real wool fleece brings warmth and comfort. It is machine washable, fire-retardant, and is secured with strong fabric ties to prevent slippage on the wheelchair. Size 890 x 432mm (35 x 17"). Weight 420g.

wheelchair safety belt


Similar to the wheelchair strap above, but with a buckle fastening for additional strength and durability. Helps prevent the user slipping forward in the seat or toppling when negotiating steps. Suitable for waists up to 170mm (70"). Weight 125g.

wheelchair safety belt


Similar to car seat belts, these wheelchair belts are fitted
with an automatic press-to-release buckle for convenience.
Two styles of fitment are available, one that simply wraps all the way around the chair and the user, or one that can be fitted via existing screws on the back of the chair. Both are easily adjustable in length.

Crutch and walking stick bag

Oxygen bottle holders

Triple pocket pouch with walking stick holder